Dj Detweiler

Part-human part-meme, DJ Detweiler is an enigmatic character made of musical parody, cultural collage and a splendid collection of rare mp3s. As an artist he explores the limits of life online; from self-fulfilling prophecies, creating and destroying genres and ideas, to creative ways of copyright criticism. As a Dj works against anticipation and boredom in the dancefloor, breaking any rule established in the art of djing. As a label co-owner he takes an excited and unrestrained approach to his projects. More importantly, as an internet persona he has breathed childlike humour into an online world that is increasingly dark and cynical.

"a world where we can’t have a “flutedrop” remix of John Cage is not one we want to live in"
- Ben Davis (Artnet) -

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Dj Dadmagnet

DJ Dadmagnet is a multidisciplinary abstract father-figure and artist. His areas of expertise involve large-scale conceptual interventions, audio exploration and half-hearted criticism of the term "digital nomad". He has published a book of haiku poetry that was featured on the BBC's Have I Got News for You, managed a general election campaign for a parliamentary candidate, toured 3 continents with his musical projects and unironically enjoys nu-metal. He is available for hire or employment at competitive rates

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Power Tool Ballads
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Josemi te lo Pinta

The illustrations in The Eminem Paradox are by the artist Josemi Te Lo Pinta, who also illustrated the front and back cover of the 7" release. Josemi has a long history of collaborating with DJ Detweiler and Chin Stroke Records, notably creating the acclaimed visuals for DJ Detweiler´s performance at Sonar festival 2015. Josemi also designed the artwork for CHNSTRK005, and him and Detweiler have worked collaboratively on many other projects.
Josemi also helped define the graphic identity of Chin Stroke TV, and produced some of the most memorable moments in the archives of material broadcast at the Bangface Weekender. Josemi Te Lo Pinta's style combines the nostalgic post-realism of Microsoft Paint with an acerbic dismissal of artistic convention, expectation and modes of being. His playful use (and misuse) of physicality and perspective invites the viewer to consider a different kind of visual environment, and to question our place in the present.

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